The Minimum You Need to Know
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Special Features: Exercises with answers and comprehensive index

Pages: 370 pp
ISBN:  0-9770866-6-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9770866-6-5
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2008 Best Book Award Winner USA Book News
         Category: Business: Technology/Computers/Internet
2009 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

About the Book

This is not your typical, dime-a-dozen SOA book.

Whereas many other books focus on the front-end of SOA, this book focuses on the backend. This is the book that tells developers how to actually connect to the Heritage data silo/application that other books just draw a box around and say, "Connect somehow."

This book addresses that problem.

The first five chapters of this book provides an eye-opening overview for Management. The remaining seven chapters are for programmers.

What You'll Learn from the Book

  • Port FMS-based business applications to Intranet or Internet applications using ACMS
  • ACMS fundamentals
  • How to connect to the Heritage data silo/application
  • Service Oriented Architecture principles


"With clearly defined examples and many diagrams and flow charts, this 370-page volume even has a source code CD. From a technical aspect, I could not have found a more detailed explanation of ACMS and the innovative methods explained by Mr. Hughes. I gave The Minimum You Need to Know (About Service Oriented Architecture) my highest rating of A+ and recommend it to all the software geeks that could use more information on this subject."

William Phenn, Reader Reviews

"A precise overview of do-it-yourself SOA."

Kirkus Discoveries

"I haven't done anything with SOA (yet), have little experience with Java but enough to dislike it in normal life, and none with ACMS. Still, with this book, I am confident I can create a well designed, well behaving and well working service on OpenVMS."

Willem Grooters